Sirens - Cher Lloyd I carry the weight of you in my heavy heart And the wind is so icy, I am numb I carry the weight of you heading back to start With the thousand eyes on me, I stumble on I am tired, Im growing older Im getting w...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分55秒”的歌曲

2.Dirty Love

Dirty Love - Cher Lloyd I see you walking with a halo Cover it up, yeah, cover it up My baby No need to try and be a hero Ive had enough Yeah, Ive had enough, my baby You got a little bit of Tarzan Let it all out, yeah let it all ...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分18秒”的歌曲

3.With Ur Love(Feat. Juicy J)

Baby you the best ’cause you worked me out I keep building walls up but you tear ‘em down I’m fighting I don’t wanna like it but you know I like it But you know I like it like it like it Used to always think I was bullet proof...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分45秒”的歌曲


Oath Cher Lloyd ft. Becky G 中文歌词库 www.CnLyric.com Yo, my best friend, best friend til the very end Cause best friends, best friends dont have to pretend You need a hand, and Im right there right beside you You in the dark, Il...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分37秒”的歌曲
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