Cassadee Pope - 11 At 7 years old everything was right Table for four on a Friday night Didnt see any signs of a dead end road By the time I was 10 everything was changing Fell asleep every night prayin Didnt know which way to go ...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分49秒”的歌曲

2.Wasting All These Tears

Wasting All These Tears Cassadee Pope I tried to found you on the bottom of a bottle Laying down on a bedroom floor My loneliness was a rattle in the windows You said you dont want me anymore And you left me Standing on a corner c...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分35秒”的歌曲

3.Cry (The Voice Performance)

Cry (The Voice Performance) - Cassadee Pope If I had just one tear running down your cheek Maybe I could cope maybe I’d get some sleep If I had just one moment at your expense Maybe all my misery would be well spent Yeah.... Coul...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分26秒”的歌曲

4.Stupid Boy (The Voice Performance)

Cassadee Pope Stupid Boy well, she was precious like a flower she grew wild, wild but innocent a perfect prayer in a desperate hour she was everything beautiful and different stupid boy, you can't fence that in stupid boy, it's li...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分38秒”的歌曲

5.Over You

over you --Cassadee Pope the voice Weather man said it’s gonna snow By now I should be used to the cold Mid-February shouldn’t be so scary It was only December I still remember the presents’ the tree’ you and me But you went a...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“3分36秒”的歌曲
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