1.we all fall down

we all fall down aerosmith When your heart is breakin When your faith has been shaken When the road youre takin Takes you nowhere at all When it all, seems to all go wrong Remember, nobody can always be strong We all fall down... ...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载匹配时间为“5分13秒”的歌曲


Had an angel of mercy to see me through all my sins There were times in my life When I was goin insane When I lost my grip I kept the right ones out Tryin to walk through The pain And I hit the floor And let the wrong ones in Yeah...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

3.What It Takes

What It Takes There goes my old girlfriend Theres another diamond ring And, uh, all those late night promises I guess they dont mean a thing So baby, whats the story? Did you find another man? Is it easy to sleep in the bed that w...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

4.Walk This Way

Backstroke lover always hidin neath the cover Still I talked to your daddy he say He said you aint seen noting till youre down on a muffin Then youre sure to be a-changin your ways I met a cheerleader, was a real young bleeder All...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载


Im alone Yeah, I dont know if I can face the night Im in tears and the cryin that I do is for you I want your love - Lets break the walls between us Dont make it tough - Ill put away my pride Enoughs enough Ive suffered and Ive se...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载
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