1.Yesterday once more

Yesterday Once More How I wondered where theyd gone. When I was young Id listen to the radio All the songs I love so well. When they played Id sing along, It make me smile. Those were such happy times and not so long ago But theyr...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

2.Top of the world

Such a feelins comin over me There is wonder in most everthing I see Not a cloud in the sky got the sun in my eyes and I wont be surprised if its a dream Everything I want the world to be Is now coming true especially for me and t...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

3.Those good old dreams

As a child I was known for makes-believing All alone I created fantasies As I grew people called it self deceiving But my heart helped me hold the memories As I walk through the world I find around me Something new yet familiars i...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载


Superstar 中文歌词库 www.CnLyric.com Long ago and oh so far away I fell in love with you before the second show Your guitar, it sounds so sweet and clear But youre not really here Its just the radio You said youd be coming back t...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

5.Rainy days and mondays

Talkin to myself and feelin old Sometimes Id like to quit Nothing ever seems to fit Hangin around Nothing to do but frown Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down. What Ive got they used to call the blues Nothin is really wrong F...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

6.Only yesterday

After long enough of being alone, Evryone must face their share of loneliness. In my own time nobody knew the pain I was goin thru, And watin was all my heart could do. Hope was all I had until you came, Maybe you cant see how muc...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

7.I need to be in love

The hardest thing Ive ever done is keep believing Theres someone in this crazy world for me The way that people come and go through temporary lives My chance could come and I might never know I used to say No promises, lets keep i...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

8.Goodbye to love

Ill say goodbye to love Time and time again the chance for love has passed me by And though its not the easy way I guess Ive always know There are no tomorrows for this heart of mine Surely time will lose these bitter memories And...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载

9.All you get from love is a love song

Like sailin on a sailin ship to nowhere, Love took over my heart like an ocean breeze. As season fly I knew that I was losing Love was washed away with the driftin tide. Now the tears in my eyes are ever blindin The future that li...查看歌词  XML歌词  LRC下载
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